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Vintage Recycled Bottle
Original Tissue Decoupage Papers, Flexible & Sturdy with a Hand-Painted Look!!!
Includes 2 Tissue Decoupage Papers @ 8 1/2 X 11 inches

Supplies Needed:
Most of these supplies can be purchased at you local craft and stamp stores  

Glass Bottle
Glass Medium 
Sea Sponge
Metallic Acrylic Paint, Gold, Bronze, Copper
Permanent Ink Pen
Matte Spray Sealer
Ribbons and Yarn
Water based Gloss Varnish
Elmer's Glue-all
Tissue Decoupage Papers Classical Posters

1) Wash your bottle and dry well. 

2) Mix three parts paint with one part medium.  Load damp sponge with paint and stipple on to glass bottle.  Let dry.

3) Cut out your decoupage paper designs. Use a small pair of embroidery scissors.  Pre-arrange your designs on your surface. (Once you decoupage your design it cannot be removed.)

4) Remove white paper backing from cutout. Slightly water down your Elmer's glue-all.  Apply thin coat of glue to the back of your cutout, let set for 5 seconds until the paper uncurls.

5) Apply paper to your surface. With your fingers gently press from center toward ends working out any wrinkles. Make sure your ends are sealed to surface. You can use a stencil brush to seal the ends, by stippling. Clear up any excess glue with damp cloth. Let dry.

6) Once dry, do your ink work.  Write words, add lines and squiggles.  Spray with a matte spray to set inks.

7) Apply two coats of water based gloss varnish with a soft brush. I like Minwax gloss water based varnish. Let dry.

































































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